William Thomas Porter- Owner, Porter Cycles, LLC.

I've always been in love with making things. I like to tinker. I grew up working with my Dad renovating houses and was deeply impressed seeing what was inside the structures that surround us, often taken for granted as just walls, floors and "the roof over your head". My experience deconstructing and recreating spaces became a living philosophy: try to understand what is here, envision what you want it to be, then work to make is so.

As far back as I can remember, I've loved bikes. The freedom of motion, mechanical parts working together, the sharp lines of the framing, the way my body and the machine fit together, all coming together to produce a feeling of flight. I feel in love with the mystery element that made this whole thing possible- Metal. I took an introduction to metalworking course at MassArt in Boston, MA when I was 16 and was instantly hooked. The first time I torch welded two steel pieces into one I felt like a master of the universe, playing with molecules and working this seemingly rigid and cold material into new shapes. I've spent the last 20+ years digging deeper into the lessons metal teaches when you choose to work it. Having worked in a variety of shops in that time, I've gained valuable experience in a variety of welding processes, general fabrication, machining, manual and digital design work, production management, and for the last 5 years, owning and running my own shop and business.

I conceived Porter Cycles in 2010, the year I made my first bike frame from scratch, and have been working to develop my designs, production methods, and joinery since. I've dedicated a huge amount of time and resources to building my own fixtures, buying and rebuilding a group of machines, and to expanding my combined skill set in order to build the very best bikes I can. I will never stop learning in this process. 2018 marks the true public launch of Porter Cycles, LLC. I look forward to continuing to develop and build the finest bikes and to sharing them with the riders and roads of the world.

Thanks for checking out the work!