Copenhagen Wheel :: Collab

Date Jan 2018
Value $2 650
Category Bike

Constructed with Columbus SL Road tubing with custom lugs and nickel-plated stem.  Designed in collaboration with Super Pedestrian/ Copenhagen Wheel, sponsors of the Bike Builder's Ball in Boston, MA 2017. 

Porter Cycles had the honor of being asked to collaborate with Super Pedestrian to create a frame set featuring one of the worlds most advanced integrated pedal assist systems, originally developed in the media labs of MIT in Cambridge, MA.  The striking shape and color of the Super Pedestrian hub inspired a frame with attention to radial lines, highlighting the radical simplicity of the system's design.  In an effort to bring a vintage counterpoint to the technological aesthetics of the wheel, the frame was designed and built with classic bi-lam lugs, and was given a tool-black and lacquer finish, exposing the brazed joinery and showing the means of it's making.  

Components :: SuperPedestrian/ Copenhagen Wheel pedal-assist system, Brooks Saddle and wraps, Sugino 75 cranks, Tomii chain ring, MKS pedals, Velo Orange seat post, Tange head set, Shimano 600 brakes, Tektro levers, Crane bell