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The Curved Seat Tube detail that I use on my reduced-rear geometry bikes has become something of a "signature" detail of my design work.  It has also raised many questions like "why?" and "is that solid steel?".  Let's talk about it....

The Story :: One day while I was at work in a local Brooklyn fabrication shop, I was coming back from lunch and perused a neighbor's dumpster for discarded goodies (yes I love dumpster diving).  I found a few sections of 1" x .5" steel box tubing, a profile I wasn't familiar with and didn't know was produced. I thought it was gorgeous.   For some reason my impulse was to try to bend it to match a bicycle wheel and use it as the lower half of a seat post, running just around the wheel, allowing the wheel to come right in next to the bottom bracket. I had a steel edged plywood wheel that the power company had discarded nearby, used for winding heavy wire and steel cables.   It worked as the form I cold bent the steel tubing around, landing me with a radius close to the size of a bike tire's outer edge.  The first track bike I built myself had that dumpstered tubing slicing a line around the wheel



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