Frame Alignment :: CHECK

The surface plate, and a variety of measuring and comparative tools are employed to check the frame along the assembly process, and to give the builder an opportunity to correct for the variation from center plane prior to and after completing the assembly process.
Alignment table, frame check, surface plate
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Mechanic Station

Every good shop needs an even better organizational system. "Always be knolling" is an understatement.
mechanic, mechanic tools, bike repair, wrenches
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Tubing Shaper :: Tear Taper

I got to thinking about the idea of reinforcing the "crumple zone" of thin walled tubing by pressing a ridge along the tubes axis. Effectively the round tube graduates into a tear shape at the ends...
tubing shaper, die forming,
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Porter Cycles :: Stem Fixture

I'm a big fan of stems. I'm also a big fan of set-ups that are accurate, easy to adjust, leave plenty of room to work around, and are built to last.
bike, stem, fixture, jig, bike stem, quill
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Seat Tube :: Curve Appeal

The Curved Seat Tube detail that I use on my reduced-rear geometry bikes has become something of a "signature" detail of my design work. It has also raised many questions like "why?" and "is that solid steel?". Let's talk about it....
bike, tubing, custom, seat tube
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Porter Cycles :: Frame Fixture

The Bicycle Frame Fixture: The alter of frame builders, the critical space to establish the geometry of the frame and to hold it's elements in place for joining. Thousands of iterations exist, here's what I came up with.
Bicycle, frame fixture, fixture, jig, manual machining, bike, frame building
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